You provide the happy cat, we provide everything else

What Our Customers Say

This is the best litter and box combination we’ve tried. The litter box actually looks nice in my bathroom! Easy to use, no work at all!

Joshua L., Maquoketa, Iowa

Very pleased with the odor control, I have a sensitive nose! I haven’t used the free deodorizer yet but it’s nice to have.

Lauren D., Sherburne, New York

Love it! No mess at all.

Lizzy F., Concord, New Hampshire

No set-up and no clean-up is really important to me. I can’t go without it now. Very good value for the price.

José S., Binghamton, New York

Toss it away and start fresh. That makes me smile when I think about washing out my old pan!

Julianna Z., Oxford, New York

Great product, the silica, low to really no odor. No tracking.

Joel C., Petersburg, Virginia

Savvy Cat is a brand I’ve come to trust fast. Everything in the kit is very high quality: the boxes are firm and would last much longer than a month, the clumping litter works great and I really like the Skout’s Honor deodorizer. Three months in and still very happy!

Caroline S., Oak Park, Illinois

An all in one solution to managing the litter box.

Our Litters


This lightweight litter looks, feels, and performs like the clay litter your cat knows, but its primary ingredient is upcycled gypsum—making it earth friendly and sustainably sourced. Choose this litter if you prefer a traditional clumping litter but without the environmental harm of clay mining. Unlike other litter subscription companies, Savvy Cat Club will truly send you enough clumping litter to last for a full month.


Our lightweight silica gel crystals absorb and trap odor-causing bacteria while allowing clean moisture to evaporate. You won’t need to scoop any clumps with this litter, just remove your kitty’s poo and then stir. Choose this litter if saving time and money are at the top of your list!

How does Savvy Cat Club work? It’s quick and simple.

People love cats.
They just hate the litter box.

So we fixed all the things about cats’ bathrooms that stink — the odor, the dust, the dirty box – to deliver a litter subscription service that is simple, convenient and sustainable. Now doesn’t that sound like a breath of fresh air?