Litter has never been more simple.

The search for cat litter solutions began in 1947. Seventy years later that search ends here. Savvy Cat Club puts the best of the litter world together in one plan. “Pick one special feature, maybe two” most products say. We politely decline to make that choice. Here’s our own long list—choose it all:

  • A subscription delivery service with thick, elegant, leakproof, disposable, no setup boxes.
  • Two litters, clumping and stirrable, both lightweight, dust free, odor trapping, and sustainably sourced.
  • Our clumping litter looks and acts just like the clay your cat knows, but its better in every way. Our stirrable litter is a time saver and a cost saver.
  • We send an honest quantity; no cheating on the amount of litter we send, a month supply actually lasts for a month.

From the sand and clay of the last century, to the ultimate in modern cat family convenience. That’s our list, can we add you to it?

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Image of woman and cat petting and nuzzling happy