Savvy Cat Club is a subscription service that delivers cat litter and disposable litter boxes to your doorstep. Our Club offers two litter options and a variety of subscription plans to best meet you and your cats needs.

Let’s be honest— buying litter at the store and lugging it home is a hassle. Savvy Cat Club does the heavy lifting for you by delivering litter right to your doorstep. Plus with our disposable boxes, you’ll never have to spend time scrubbing plastic litter boxes and liners clean again.

The Club ships one litter box per cat and enough litter to last a minimum of 30 days. Plus, members receive a free bottle of Skout’s Honor litter box deodorizer with every order.

It’s up to you! You can reuse the boxes once or start fresh with a new box every month, depending on which option works best for you and your budget. And if you change your mind, you can adjust the frequency at which you receive new boxes anytime.

How long is a tiny kitten yawn? We aren’t exaggerating—it’s really that fast! Our leakproof, disposable litter boxes require no assembly. Just remove from the shipping box and pour in the litter of your choice. That’s it!

We’ve thought a lot about that. Our boxes are made from cardboard that is 25-35% recycled material. Better yet, the boxes are 100% recyclable and made at a facility that is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). This means that 100% of our cardboard is purchased from SFI-certified vendors—all harvested trees are promptly reforested to ensure long term sustainability and productivity. We want our customers to feel good about more than just the convenience of their Savvy Cat Club subscriptions.

Savvy Cat Club offers two litter types to choose from. Our silica gel crystal blend is a non-clumping solution that aggressively traps odors and liquids. All you need to do is scoop solid waste. We recommend stirring the remaining litter daily to maximize absorption.

Our clumping litter is really something special. It performs like a premium clay litter, but it’s made from sustainable and upcycled ingredients. It looks and feels like the litter your cat is already accustomed to, but it is far more environmentally ethical and lightweight.

We guarantee you’ll receive enough litter to last at least 30 days. With Savvy Cat Club, you’ll never be stuck with an empty and dirty box at the end of the month.

Our litters are highly effective at fighting odors, but as an added precaution, we also send our subscribers a deodorizer spray from one of the pet industry’s safest and most earth-friendly companies. You may never need it, but we’ve got you covered if you ever do.

You can add privacy hoods to any subscription plan. In addition to giving your kitty some privacy, the hood can help cut down on litter tossed out of the box by enthusiastic diggers.

Vets recommend that you follow the “one box per cat” rule. Depending on how the number of cats in your home and the litter type you select, we offer several plan options for multi-cat homes.

We don’t recommend flushing our litters. Instead, dispose of silica gel litter in the trash after use. Our premium clumping litter can either be thrown away or composted – it’s biodegradable! Boxes can either be recycled or placed in the garbage depending on your local recycling guidelines.

Definitely not! One way we are simplifying litter buying is by banning all fine print and fees. Join or cancel whenever you need to.

Yes! Our litters are nontoxic and only use safe ingredients from our trusted suppliers. Fun fact: our clumping litter is made from a material that is often spread on food crops as a nutrient, so you can be sure it’s more than safe enough for what your cat is about to do with it! Both litters have ultra low airborne dust to protect your cat against respiratory problems.

Don’t panic! Our club’s litters are nontoxic and won’t expand in your cat’s GI tract. The ingested litter should pass through your cat’s digestive system without creating any significant problems.

Most cats have no problem switching to Savvy Cat’s litters and boxes. But if your cat is unsure about the new setup, place your new Savvy Cat box near the old litter box. Stop emptying and cleaning the old box, and soon your cat will be naturally drawn to the cleaner new box. If you’re transitioning to a radically new litter type, you can ease the transition for your cat by topping off your Savvy Cat box with the old litter for the first week.

Yes. Savvy Cat is a subscription service, so we keep track of when you’re due for refills and ship them automatically. But remember, you can change or cancel your plan anytime.

All orders are processed and shipped within 1-2 business days via UPS. Most orders arrive in five days or less. After that, your automatic refills will arrive based on the plan you choose.

Log in or click on “View Order” in your most recent Order Confirmation email. Then click on “My Subscription” and next to “Actions,” you’ll see the option to Cancel, Change address, Change payment or Renew now.

Our standard box is 18″ x 13″.

Still have questions about how Savvy Cat Club can make a kitty litter this lightweight, absorbent, safe, and beloved by cats?